Tron Europe stands out from the crowd as TERCIUM Token Swap delights the customer base

the ODOR The universe has been quite active in the past few weeks, a lot has been said about possible token swaps and their impact on the. written Tron Europe Ecosystem. Following this pattern, the reports showed that the team carried out all steps in the background discreetly. On Friday, August 7th, Polonidex exchanged the TERCIUM token to the delight of the entire community.

Sources told TWJ that the method used to achieve this was surprising, but had the intended effect of taking a significant step towards a decentralized future. To remind you of the facts and to make the development progress clearer, here is a small overview of the changes that have been completed:

  • Swap gives TERC decimal places
  • Total supply reduced from 10b to 4b → this corresponds to a combustion of 60%
  • Correct display of circulating supply
  • Voter / owner bonuses count starting with 1000

In addition to the above benefits, the community should be aware of the following points:

  • The exchange for the old tokens starts on Friday, August 14th
  • Routine tests will be done until the 14th to make sure everything is working according to plan
  • The token swap is carried out with a wallet (address to be announced), where users can exchange their old tokens for the new ones at a ratio of 1: 1
  • Users are assured that they can exchange their tokens in the first half of the year at a ratio of 1: 1 without any loss of value
  • The old token will still exist so that it can be exchanged later, albeit with restrictions.

According to Tron-Europe, the developments were systematic and in line with the established roadmap. TE further stated that there had been some uncertainty in the community due to the swap. To counter the spread of such rumors, the organization has assured the community that:

– Nobody can steal coins from a user without access to your wallet

– Most of the displayed statistics of the token are connected to Polonidex, which exponentially increases the listing

The latest statements from Tron-Europe show the real benefits of the project and what users will enjoy after the swap. Aside from the features listed, the TERCIUM era will also bring other features and updates to the table. Some of them include:

  • Buy TERC with a credit card
  • New exchanges
  • Plans to implement TERC in the Coinpayment network with access to 200,000 merchants
  • The BeFaster start
  • Users can enjoy access to the Revolt beta version

All of the above offer a nice look at where the path can lead. The TERCIUM Force should also grow into a stronghold that is second to none. As the cryptocurrency market goes up and down over time, companies like Tron-Europe have steadfastly held onto their formula for success. With the advent of TERCIUM just around the corner, both the retail and developer communities are waiting with bated breath for the bright future.

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