Tron-Europe wants to blow up the crypto roof, while TERCium-Force introduces Noble, Magister, Lord and VIP levels

The Tron ecosystem was one of the few sectors of the cryptocurrency industry that was always active in new developments. Out of several players in the region, Tron-Europe was one of the standout performers with several new launches.

The start of Power of smell von Tron-Europe stirred up the Tron community not only because of the sheer number of use cases, but also because of its real applications. The organization has repeatedly stated that TERCium-Force is the backbone of the TERC community, with users benefiting from the ecosystem.

Tron-Europe officials have advised TWJ that the main intent of launching TERCium-Force is to build a fully decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem. To ensure that the company gives back to its users, TE has also launched its special VIP channel, which allows select customers to browse through new features. These VIP customers will also have access to special owner bonuses, with users reportedly enjoying a significant increase in their owner bonuses.

Tron-Europe is pleased to announce that they are also introducing their native TERCium World, where holders can benefit from a variety of new trading options. If the user owns 50,000 TERC, the user is given the rank of TERC Knight. This status allows users to earn 10% additional Force Bonus, creating a win-win situation for both parties. The ranking extended to four other levels: TERC-Noble, Magister of TERCium, Lord of TERCium and VIP Force.

The TERC Noble Rank is awarded to every user who owns 125,000 or more TERC tokens. This rank also gives users the privilege of earning 20 percent bonuses. Users with 250,000 TERC tokens have the master’s degree TERCium and can draw bonuses of up to 30%. The highest ranking is the status “Lord of TERCium”. These privileged users can earn up to 40 percent of the Force bonuses. Becoming a Lord is the final step in becoming a VIP Force member where users can own over 1 million TERC tokens and earn bonuses up to 100 percent.

TERCium Force users don’t have to worry about the hassle of withdrawing funds as bonus deposits are made automatically. Users can also register on the World of TERCium Telegram channel, where their login details are provided by the administrator. The ease with which users can access their funds is fundamental to the TERCium Force community. Officials close to the developments wholeheartedly believe that the aforementioned bonus programs will be the stepping stone for people to fully immerse themselves in the world of TERCium.

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