TRON Foundation Active with Meme Coin $ Sun Genesis Mining Just Swap and The Cold Wallet

Justin Sun spoke about how $ Sun Genesis Mining will be live soon. He has asked the church to get ready soon. $ Sun is the first TRON meme coin, the first TRON mining coin, with zero pre-mining and zero team reservation, 100% community managed.

TRONLink Cold Wallet is also known as an offline wallet and is not connected to the Internet. It’s good to stay away from hacker attacks.

TRONLink makes it clear that cold wallets are different from hot wallets because the hot wallets are online wallets that remain connected to the internet. Cold wallets are not as easy to use as hot wallets. However, the cold wallets are always safer as they are always offline and therefore immune to the hacker’s attempts to steal the private keys.

Justin Sun recently tweeted that BitpieWallet supports WTRX. It should be noted that with the BitpieWallet, cryptos with multiple chains can be stored, exchanged and used easily and securely.

Sun also expressed his excitement at how happy he was with Justswap.

With some downtime due to traffic, Sun said, “Today, after 3:00 am, JustSwap was down for some time due to an extreme increase in traffic. The team has since resolved the problem. I would like to sincerely apologize to our users. “

It goes on to say: “Justswap is an AMM exchange that started 17 days ago and has now reached a daily trading volume of 600 million US dollars. The number of transactions is twice as high as with Uniswap.

He also assured: “In these two days we will accelerate the expansion of the stock exchange and strive to achieve a daily throughput of tens of billions of dollars! Rest assured everything is # safe! ”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “TRON (TRX) is booming. According to reports, some of the whales have never moved their TRX since purchase. I’m waiting for the bull run. “

TRON (TRX) on success story

KLV von Klever_io was listed on BittrexGlobal with the trading pairs BTC and USDT. According to the TRON Foundation, Klever is a 4th generation crypto wallet ecosystem with built-in swaps to and from hundreds of TRON, BTC and ETH tokens with advanced KleverOS security and Web 3.0 browser. Further said that the future is bright!

They gave this in response to the Klever tweet, which stated that the KLV will be listed on the top 10 exchange @ BittrexGlobal on Friday, September 4th, 2020. Deposits began on September 3rd, 2020.

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