TRON Foundation presents GameFi projects with US $ 300 million in funding

The TRON Foundation is continuing the GameFi projects with the launch of TRON Arcade, which will be supported with a $ 300 million fund for the next three years. To make this possible, the company worked with APENFT and WINKLink. APENFT is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace based on TRON, and WINKLink is a decentralized oracle that also runs on the TRON network. The two projects are currently working on a joint prototype and are expected to be completed in the third quarter and completed in the fourth quarter.

The fund’s main objective is to inspire developers to deploy and build robust GameFi projects that will power the DeFi and NFT sectors in the TRON, APENFT and WINKLink network. Another goal is to provide extreme gaming experiences to users by enabling them to earn digital assets while playing and enjoying games through a play-to-earn mechanism.

GameFi is one of the most promising technologies in enhancing the online gaming experience and making it extreme and fun. Justin Sun of the TRON Foundation sees GameFi as the next big thing to introduce DeFi, NFT, and crypto space to interested parties. TRON’s strategy of joining the current hype in the GameFi space is a great step.

The idea of ​​the real-time play-to-earn method encourages many players and people interested in crypto to easily find out about cryptocurrency through an entertaining video game. Current GameFi leader Axie Infinity recently hit 1 million active players, sold $ 1.1 billion of NFT tokens, and hit a record high of over $ 3.1 billion in market value.

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