Tron founder Justin Sun is spending USD 20 million on new Twitter followers

Source: @SolitudeAU, Twitter

If you’re looking to increase your follower number on Twitter and your content just doesn’t cut it anymore, there may still be hope for you. Take an example of Justin Sun, founder and CEO of the blockchain platform Tron, who is trying to gain even more recognition in the Twitter world by organizing a drop of air that is said to be worth $ 20 million. Of course, that’s not why he gives in public.

“To celebrate the success of BitTorrent Token & Tether – TRON, I am planning a free airdrop of USD 20 million. Good news – bad news – I can choose to give away more! First, I’ll randomly pick 1 winner for a Tesla by March 27th! To apply, follow me and RT on this tweet! Simply! “Tweeted the entrepreneur earlier today and added this picture:

Tron founder Justin Sun is spending $ 20 million on new Twitter followers 102

The celebration may be the main reason for the giveaway, but Justin Sun has been looking for more Twitter followers for some time after overtaking all other project leaders from the top 20 coins by market cap. He also paid to promote his profile and was delighted to overtake Ethereum’s co-founder and main political figure, Vitalik Buterin. He added to the theory that Tesla cars and millions of dollars mean nothing in the face of Twitter recognition.

Yeah yeah, you just wanted to retweet it to get the Tesla.

– JaminXBT (@JaminXBT) March 12, 2019


We literally tried to train people for a year how these two freebies are a scam, are you serious RN 😟 😩

– (@MyCrypto) March 13, 2019


And that giveaway could get him to that one million goal: At the time of writing, Sun has 948,000 followers that are growing steadily by the minute. The followers don’t even care about his reasons: “I’m still not quite sure how successful BTT was, but as long as he gives away money, I don’t care what his definition is,” wrote the Twitter user @SmokeyXBT.

Interestingly, the competition rules have yet to be published. While many have understood his tweet to mean that a single winner would receive $ 20 million worth of airdrop, there is also the possibility that the winnings could be split based on certain criteria.
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Tron price chart:

Tron founder Justin Sun is spending USD 20 million on new Twitter followers 103

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