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TRX is the master of gambling in cryptocurrency as we can see massive movement in gambling on the Tron blockchain. Recently, gambling has increased dramatically in the Tron ecosystem, and according to a study, the gambling volume of TRX is increasing tremendously.

Although Tron is with critics from his own community, he continues to enter a more significant phase in which he continues to grow. With the crypto and blockchain technology affecting various industries, the project led by Justin Sun has made tremendous strides in various gambling casinos and dapps launched on the TRX network.

Through these dapps, users can win some big prizes including the Tron-based TRC-20 tokens from the casinos. Just like mining, which is a bit technical and allows users to earn cryptos by solving complex math problems, users can mine TRX by playing games on the Tron network via Casino Dapp tokens. In addition, users can wager or freeze their respective tokens to earn dividends, which are often paid out daily.

So, with these Tron-based tokens, you can really win a handsome amount of money. Certain tokens are best to choose for 2019 and the period ahead. So let’s look at four of the best.

The first (in terms of the very best) gambling token on the Tron network is Tronbet, now known as Wink – and it’s the premier gambling token out there.

The key to choosing WinK is that it has paid the longest dividends, making this Tron blockchain-based casino a safe option. In addition, it offers a wide range of games that allow users to win more and more dividends from various sources.

The gaming token also offers its own scaling solutions for the games, making it a fast and free ecosystem. With all the functions of the bank, WinK is at the top of the table for all lovers of blockchain gambling.


Vcoin is the native token of ‘TronVegas’. The in-house coin is another great gambling token with an average rate of 3K + daily users. At, users can register and earn VCOINs by playing several games available on the platform.

Despite the fact that the VCOIN is still new and has not gone through a stable trading period, it has seen a surge in value recently. So if you are looking for a casino token with an ever-growing user base, VCOIN is the one for you.

The Ace casino token, backed by TronAce, appears to continue to grow and has a significant fan base alongside a popular incubation network. It’s an open source network that plays a key role for developers and gives them the ability to launch and distribute the Dapps. The only reason to develop this token was to attract more developers so that they can create more games on the TronAce platform.

The best part is that in the next distribution phase, TronAce’s profit will be split 70% between the holders of the token. All of this makes Ace an excellent token to buy and invest in top crypto gambling tokens, among other things.


The Tron-based gambling token available on the Play GOC network is another important casino token. Play Token is a solid investment for long term racing as it can bring massive returns for holders in long term progress. Via the casino token, PLAY users can play various games and, in addition to substantial dividends, also win rewards.

As we see different games on the network, the users are increasing day by day. With a current number of over 2,700 users on the PLAY network, it seems like another decent token to earn.

What’s going on for TRON?

As the TRON game of chance is seeing a sharp increase in volume, it will keep the Tron ecosystem going in the long term. Online gambling is a big industry, and if Tron breaks into that industry with a bang, it will attract large numbers of users who would add to the growth of the Sun-run network as a whole.

However, things haven’t been moving in Tron’s favor lately, but the continued DApp growth is certainly good progress for Sun-led Crypto, and it is expected to grow at a faster pace soon.

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