TRON TRX and Ethereum All hell will likely break loose if this happens on April Fools’ Day

Justin Sun tweeted, “TRON now has 5 million users! It took us 645 days to reach this milestone. We will continue to work hard to increase this number even further. We hope to reach 50 million … then 500 million … then ultimately everyone on this planet! TRX $ TRX. ”

Counter theories are like: Why should everyone on the planet need a TRON account? The prospect demanded more clarity about what it means in the first place. They also wanted to know what TRX created for people so that everyone would want to have an account with TRON. Some perceive the idea of ​​everyone on the planet as a childish proposition.

Some broke the air with an analogy that said no one would want to enter an amusement park that only has one roller coaster.

A community member’s clarification about what TRON does implied that TRON is building an end-to-end ecosystem focused on gaming, streaming, blogging, and decentralized networks for content delivery. Adding for clarification implied that the entire TRON is greater than the sum of its acquisitions.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “TRON TRX Justin Sun impresses and alarms people again and again with their rapid ambitions. Will the first million registered users already be rewarded with TRX tokens for registering on the platform? 5 million users! “

There are people in the TRON community who say that instead of listening to TRON haters, do your own research to understand TRON. They affirm that just a little research will help change your minds and understand TRX.

Probably an April Fool’s Day joke downstairs! All hells will break loose when this happens!

Justin Sun tweeted again: “ALERT: Surprise Flash sale of Ethereum by @VitalikButerin. Great job @justinsuntron on their recent takeover of the Ethereum network at a discount rate. Announcement soon. Check. Mate.”

Did Sun even mean the content of the retweet? The poster reads: “Surprisingly, Vitalik Buterin decides to mark Ethereum on the Tron network in order to scale it. All $ ETH tokens are instantly transferred on the Sun Network to the value of 1 ETH for 1 USDT. “

TRON monthly report March 2020

The TRON Monthly Report for March 2020 read as follows: “#TRON Monthly Report March 2020, #TRX is available on @krakenfx, #BTT is available on @VsexPro, #TRX and # TRC20- # USDT are on @ WhiteBit6 @ Tronfoundation- Available to followers $ 500,000 TRX exceeded live on @Binance_DEX The $ 14 BTT airdrop ended on March 11th. “

In the meantime, Justin Sun needed to clarify the meaning of his Chinese name. “My Chinese name“ 宇 晨 ”means“ daybreak of the entire universe ”and its pronunciation is similar to“ your chain ”.

Justin Sun refers beginners to a beginner article that is very useful in understanding CDP, DeFi, Djed, PTRX, JED, and USDJ. He acknowledges that TronDotLive has created this guide for the TRONICs.

The DeFi project is explained in layman terms, so it is easy for anyone to understand how to understand the project and how to use it.

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