Tron’s first multi-signature and custody solution folder goes live

BitGo Financial Service today announced the official release of the first distinguishable multi-signature and on-chain security wallet for Tron (TRX) tokens. In addition, the wallet offers custody solutions for Tron, with which the company can become Tron’s custodian.

The multi-signature wallet allows users to use different assigned private keys to secure their TRX assets and improve accountability and transparency.

BitGo, a pioneer in the multi-signature wallet, and Tron’s team jointly developed the wallet for institutional use.

Benedict Chan, CTO at BitGo, noted that the multi-signature wallet and in the chain will open Tron for numerous financial services customers.

“Trustees responsible for other people’s money demand the highest levels of security and compliance,” said CTO Chan.

The just released open source log folder has been thoroughly tested and evaluated with the vision that Tron can be used more securely.

CEO Justin Sun commented the wallet as perfect for Tron as blockchain leads to the next chapter. Sun also approached BitGo as a pioneer in creating multi-signature wallets.

“BitGo is a pioneer and a well-known quality mark for the digital assets industry,” said Justin Sun.

“Together we will manifest the next chapter in blockchain and financial services. We are proud of this partnership and the value it offers to the entire industry. “

Poloniex announces TRC20-USDT deposit support for Android

According to an announcement by Poloneix in the early hours of the morning, Tron-based stablecoin users can now deposit their tokens on the exchange using Android devices.

As mentioned earlier, the US exchange now supports depositing TRC20-USDT on Android. The exchange is designed to provide a convenient way for users to use the TRC20-USDT token.

TRC20 USDT deposit is NOW supported on Android!

It’s always handy to have TRC20 USDT on your phone and there are more things to come

– Poloniex Exchange (@Poloniex) November 8, 2019

134 million TRX mined in Tron’s largest mining pool

Newpool, itself recognized as Tron’s largest mining pool, has announced that the number of TRX mined on its platform has exceeded 100 million TRX. The exact amount of TRX mined to date reached 134,678,804.

The mining in Newpool (TRON) reached TRX 134,678,804 today! The world’s largest decentralized mining pool based on TRON. @justinsuntron @Tronfoundation

Start mining via @TronLinkWallet @Mathwallet @BitpieWallet @TokenPocket_TP @BuckWallet

Details: https: //

– Newpool (@NewpoolOfficial) November 7, 2019

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