TRON’s secret partner was eventually revealed. TRX to the moon?

The has informed the crypto community that the mysterious partner of the Tron establishment is Baidu. In the team’s Twitter statement when posted online, they expressed that they had received elite information that exposed Baidu as a mysterious partner. The statement also stated that the official statement would be made in seven days.

Exclusive: #Tron cooperates with China’s IT giant #Baidu

The Tron team announced that a partnership between Tron and Chinese IT giant Baidu has been confirmed, which Baidu Cloud will officially announce next week.

– Coin – Real-Time Crypto Market Index and News (@coinness) October 12, 2018

Tron Community response to the news

It didn’t take long for the Tron community to express their excitement at the news. A tweet from @ RoDijk1 gave noteworthy details on how enormous this statement is:

TRX Market Performance Based on Partnership News and TVM Activation

News of a mysterious new Tron partner was released less than 24 hours ago, and TRX has ridden the influx of excitement over the distance to the crypto markets. The strong market performance was also supported by the effective initiation of the Tron Virtual Machine at the same time as the declaration of the Mystery Partnership.

TRX’s estimate has increased from $ 0.020 to current estimates of $ 0.023367. This is a 16.8% rate hike since yesterday (0:30 a.m. UTC), October 12th.

Tron community member @WLFOFMYST gave his thoughts on all of the partnership speculation in the following tweet:

✍️ Final thoughts on the partnership:

The rise in price makes me believe it is most likely Baidu. Since #TRON’s price is responsive to the news, the leak is most likely believable. The price could be VERY GOOD to be “baked” in atm. $ trx #trx #tron

– T. @WLFOFMYST (@WLFOFMYST) October 13, 2018

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