Tron’s secret project could strengthen the BTT and TRX ecosystem with 100 million users

Justin Sun announced on Twitter on January 12th the launch of a secret project that would bring billions of dollars in benefits to the BTT and TRX ecosystem. According to conservative predictions, the project could attract more than 100 million new users.

Announcements of the announcement

Justin Sun teasers are nothing new. Tron founders have often been accused of making so-called announcements of attracting the attention of the crypto community. In yesterday’s tweet, Justin Sun announced that he would be working on a secret project that would result in “billions of dollars” in benefits for the BTT token and TRX ecosystem.

This time around, the numbers seem to have gotten out of hand without considering the irony of publicly announcing the start of a mysterious secret project. According to Justin’s conservative projections, this project would add at least 100 million new users to the ecosystem. It is complex to understand how many actual users the TRX and BTT ecosystem has. However, if we consider the users of some services like DLive, it is difficult to believe that the number of users is minimally close to the number given.

DLive launched around September 2018 and currently has around 5 million active users per month with no fewer than 80,000 active channels. In addition, the monthly visit to the website is around 3.5 million, according to SimilarWeb. It’s hard to believe that starting a project can bring in 100 million new users when the current ones are infinitely lower in magnitude.

Followers become skeptics

In the past, these attempts had a very specific intention to increase the hype about Tron and thus the price. The founder of Tron has succeeded several times, but the desired effects are diminishing. The price of TRX after the announcement has not seen an upswing, on the contrary, it has lost 0.43 percent in the last 24 hours.

After a string of bad announcements, including the famous dinner with Warren Buffet, Tron’s followers open their eyes and are no longer fooled by its founder’s exaggerated tweets. Justin Sun’s marketing strategies certainly helped make him famous. At some point, however, it is also necessary to deliver working solutions in order to maintain the trust of the followers.

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