Twitter reacts to 33 billion TRX, which will go live on January 1st

The Tron Foundation announced on Twitter on Friday December 27th that it will start the new year with the release of 33 billion TRX.

However, according to the tweet, the organization has no plans to unlock the TRX as they are now asking Twitter users how the funds will be used.

So, in an online survey, they gave options on how the funds should be used to suggest whether to invest in a partnership, re-lock them, or incinerate them.

The tweet claims that the foundation’s users’ responses may provide information on how the community is feeling about the massive coin unlocking.

Twitter users have also started responding to the tweet, as speculation suggests the new funds could help kickstart the Poloniex crypto exchange.

Some other users fear that the unlocked fund will be launched, potentially affecting prices.

Reaction of Twitter users

With users continuing to respond to Tron’s announcement on Twitter, it must be said that the last online pool that 54% of users did, speculated that a coin burn should be done.

On the flip side, 32% of Twitter users advise investing the money in the Tron protocol, while the remaining 13% are in favor of locking the coin back.

Other users who commented on the tweet had different opinions.

User Holy Roller suggested reinvesting the coin to allow the market price to rise and attract more investment.

I would definitely invest them in the top 20 platforms on Tron. Pump these market prices × 3000% over the year !!! Biggest advertisement for crypto, finance and #TRON. People will buy $ TRON again.

– Holy Roller (@TRXGambler) December 27, 2019

User Mike McCarthy suggests putting half back on and burning the other half

Half of me thinks we should lock her up again, the other half think we should burn her.

In both cases, I strongly recommend @Tronfoundation to make a clear statement about their short to medium term plans.

This for security, trust, transparency (and for me just peace of mind).

– Mike McCarthy (@MikeNerdUK) December 27, 2019

when another user asks Tiens that everything should be burned.

Burn them!

– Tiens.tron (@tiensvdm) December 27, 2019

About the Tron Foundation

Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that aims to build a free, global entertainment system for digital content.

The Tron Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that oversees the affairs and rollout of the cryptocurrency asset TRX.

The foundation, led by Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun, locked the fund a few months after it left the Ethereum blockchain for its mainnet.

Every June 25th is TRON’s Independence Day and is meant to commemorate the day the organization left the Ethereum ecosystem to start the main network and generate the first Genesis block.

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