Twitter’s Bluesky finds new lead, Square builds the Bitcoin wallet team

Jack Dorsey. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, WIRED

The Twitter-backed decentralized social media project Bluesky announced that a new unit independent of Twitter is in the works while Square is expanding its hardware wallet team.

“It took a long time, but we finally found a lead,” tweeted the official Bluesky account on Thursday.

@RiddleOfGold @bluesky a person who leads the project

-Anav Gagneja (@ChefQuixote)

The team behind it said they are “currently working through details on setting up the new Bluesky unit, which will operate independently of Twitter,” adding that more details will be shared with the public “soon”.

As reported, Twitter started Bluesky in December 2019 to develop a “decentralized standard for social media”.

The company’s CEO Jack Dorsey said at the time that Twitter had funded a small independent team that “could find an existing decentralized standard to move forward with, or if it fails, create one from scratch.”

However, he also emphasized that it will take a few years to develop a solid, scalable and usable decentralized standard for social media.

And that’s not all of the Twitter-related messages shared with the Cryptoverse. Just today, Dorsey said his crypto-mad payments company Square is looking for new people to help build the company’s hardware wallet, particularly a hardware wallet executive director.

As announced last July, Square confirmed that it is committed to building a Bitcoin (BTC) first hardware wallet “to make Bitcoin custody more mainstream.” Dorsey had only announced a month earlier that the company was considering doing so. Now they are working on building a team.

According to the ad, the company is ready to hire a senior engineering manager who will “need to build and manage a team of backend and mobile engineers to deliver a wide range of software for an innovative new global product” and “lead technical strategy.” for this new product area “, among other things.

This person will also have to work with numerous partners in hardware, legal and business roles at Square, its crypto-centric unit Square Crypto and the external community, the job posting states.

A minimum of eight, but preferably more than ten, years of experience developing “great” products and services is required, with at least two and preferably more than five years building and leading software engineering teams. Additionally, candidates preferably have “familiarity with Bitcoin internals and experience developing software for cryptocurrency applications”.

Help us build a no custody hardware wallet for hundreds of millions of people. Everything in public, everything open source …

– jack⚡️ (@jack)

In addition to this, Square also has two other displays related to their hardware wallet: one for Hardware Wallet Business Lead and the other for Senior Software Engineer (backend), each with their own requirements.

In addition to the wallet, crypto-related jobs include: Crypto and Financial Communications Lead, Sr. Technical Recruiter (Crypto / Bitcoin), Crypto Product Lead (Cash App) and Head of Crypto Engineering (Cash App).

In July, Dorsey said Bitcoin will be a “big part” of the company’s future as he sees opportunities to incorporate the cryptocurrency into existing Twitter products and services. He added that this could help the company accelerate its product expansion and stated that BTC was the “best candidate” to become the internet’s “home currency”.
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