USDT is 9-11 for central banks of the Bitcoin Black Swan

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7/30/2021 – 3:27 PM GMT

By: Nadeem_Walayat


To get my crypto bear market rolling, I recently opened an account with Binance (10% trading fees discount link). Deposited £ 3600 which I quickly converted to USDT to initiate my first limit orders mainly on BTC and ETH with the aim of adding more funds and limit orders over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, when I take a closer look at the USDT Tether Stable Coin, which probably applies to most of the other so-called stable coins, I find that USDT is NOT 1 to 1 supported by what it tries to represent, i.e. what I at best USDT is backed by 75% of “safe” assets in dollars, with most of the remaining 25% may not even exist i.e. PRINTED MONEY! Probably to cover losses incurred to date, such as the loss of USDT’s parent company of USDT a few years ago, etc. So the real value of USDT is somewhere between 15% and 25% LESS than the US dollar Since its real reserves are given, as I described in my last video, there is a legitimate interest in perpetuating this scam.

SELL USDT tether before the Ponzi system implodes and 90% Bitcoin CRASH in Cryptos Lehman Bros.  triggers

The Black Swan event here is clear that USDT and the other stable coins could spectacularly FAIL and cause a collapse in the crypto markets as investors see their USDT values ​​evaporate overnight as those whose exit Plans to rely on stable coins in times of market panic are left behind. Well, they panic that they are in crypto and they panic all the more that they fear the exchange will implode along with their crypto balances.

The current market cap of stable coins is $ 104 billion, with most of it in $ 64 billion and $ 22 billion C. Thus, they are more than capable of creating a 2008 financial crisis-style event for the crypto markets. Should they collapse, it would lead to a loss of confidence in all cryptocurrencies, which could easily bring the Bitcoin price down 85% from its high to below $ 10,000, with the other cryptos being worse! A true burst of the crypto bubble in spectacular style, a risk that most crypto maniacs do not perceive with their DIAMOND HANDS HODL mantra.

In addition, it allows printing of money i.e. USDT, MARKET MANIPULATION! Since USDT can simply print dollars out of nowhere and then buy crypto to drive prices up and thus make artificial profits on printed US dollars that are used to raise the price of crypto holdings, it likes it worked during Bull Run 2021, but it’s an ultra case of the “emperor has no clothes” while crypto fanatics talk about crypto being safer than fiat currency, which is constantly being devalued by printing central bank money . In fact, Tether behaves like a CENTRAL BANK for the exchanges, i.e. prints currencies (USDT), not redeemable, manipulates market prices, enables traders on exchanges to leverage up to X100, so much for the decentralized financing of crypto!

In fact, the exploding of Tether is not a question of IF, but of WHEN! And the exit door will be pretty small. So at least understand that there are NO STABLE COINS, there are UNSTABLE COINS! No matter what they state on their websites etc, they are ALL INSTABLY because they will ALL FAIL if USDT fails, just like Lehman Brothers ALL BANKS FAIL! And this time no central bank will step in to save the crypto world. In fact, I would be surprised if central bankers weren’t already aware of this and could play a collapse of the crypto space so they could step in and take control of the crypto markets through tight regulation to prevent another collapse in the tethered world. Style to prevent the market.

Now all exchanges are using the stable coins as a means of sucking fiat currencies into FAKE unstable equivalents, giving retail investors the illusion that they are holding dollars, for example, when they are actually holding something like mortgage-backed securities and we all know what happens to them !

Seriously, folks, the more I look under the hood of Tether, the more convinced I am that a chain reaction of events could lead to a sudden loss of confidence in USDT that would lead to the collapse of the entire crypto market within a few hours.

USDT is 9-11 for central banks

Regardless of the benefits of blockchain, central banks cannot allow independent currencies to circulate on any significant scale. So, turning a blind eye to the USDT Ponzi scheme, as it is expected to implode, allowing central banks to step in and RULE the exchanges and to some extent cryptocurrencies to prevent such Ponzi schemes from falling into Future Collapsing Markets Explains Why USDT Got So Far Away. The central banks understand very well what is going to happen and therefore deliberately turn blindly so that in retrospect they can wage their war on crypto without great resistance from a destroyed crypto market and at no cost, as they, unlike the banking system, which they DO NOT have the crypto -Save shadow banks i.e. a collapse of Tether will NOT have any impact on the banking system so let it grow until it crashes the crypto markets. This is another reason to be careful about how much you’ve deposited on exchanges rather than just held in USDT. Investing in cryptos IS VERY HIGH RISK!

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