VeChain technology enables consumers to check wine quality

Wine connoisseurs can now check the quality of the precious red juice using VeChain’s blockchain. The Singapore-based decentralized platform announced the official launch of its new “My Story” label in collaboration with three leading Italian wineries.

VeChain works with DNV-GL to develop My Story

“My Story” was developed by VeChain and DNV-GL, a global provider of product assurance and certification, and works as a blockchain-based digital solution for the food and beverage industry. The initiative provides independent physical auditing, data collection and verification services.

VeChain has now partnered with three Italian wineries, Ricci Curbastro, Ruffino Wines and West Wind Wines. From now on, these wine companies will attach a “My Story” label to their bottles with their VeChain hardware tags.

Consumers can then scan a QR code from these tags to learn more about the detailed product history of that particular bottle of wine. This information includes the growing and bottling process, the variety of grapes present, and the owner of the vineyard. More information on how the wine should be consumed is also given as an additional perk.

DNV-GL stated in its announcement that “My Story” will give consumers the opportunity to access the true story of the wine from grape to bottle by scanning the QR codes on the bottles. “DNV-GL tweeted this, followed by another tweet.

Today we start in Rome # MyStory ™ feat. leading Italian wineries @Ricci_Curbastro, #RuffinoWines @Torrevento! Scan the QR code to discover the history of each wine, from the grape to the bottle

– DNV GL (@DNVGL), January 10, 2019

Luca Crisciotti, CEO of DNV GL, stated in a comment on My Story: “My Story” sheds light on products and their supply chain for the benefit of consumers who want immediate and comprehensive access to important product characteristics such as quality, authenticity and origin, ingredients, water and Energy consumption and more, all verified by DNV GL throughout the transformation process. “

All information collected on the products is stored in VeChainThor’s public blockchain. DNV GL’s director of digital transformation, Renato Grottola, tweeted why wine companies were chosen to start.

Renato Grottola: “Why wine? We could have started from industrial products, but we had the feeling that wine, especially Italian wine, always tells a story. It seemed a perfect fit, given the goals we want to achieve with our technology . ” #DNVGL #MyStory @rgrottola @DNVGLBA_IT

– VeChain Italia Unofficial (@vechainitalia) January 10, 2019

How VeChain and DNV-GL are planning to redesign purchasing behavior

“My Story” was developed in March 2018 with the aim of alleviating the worries of consumers who do not know whether the products they buy are safe to consume or where they come from. DNV found that among consumers, it is mainly millennials who are asking for direct interaction with brands and products. For this reason, they aim to increase transparency in the food and beverage sector.

The company stated, “Hyperconnectivity is a key element influencing the need to communicate with consumers and providing an opportunity for brands to get involved. That means everything speaks, and it refers to using many systems and devices to stay connected. We are all exposed, and hyperconnectivity can enable people to be willing to interact with the product itself. This is already happening in food, perhaps even in fashion, where consumers are increasingly willing to share direct feedback on a particular product or experience. Traditionally, this was not managed by the brands behind a product or service, but by someone else. Tripadvisor for Travel, Hotels and Restaurants is one such example. “

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