VeChain (VET) price will reach USD 75 in 2023, according to VeChain (VET) price forecast. VeChain (VET) price will reach USD 75 in 2023 according to VeChain (VET) price forecast – VeChain news after VeChain token swap

After the VeChain token swap was successfully completed last year, the VeChain news and VeChain Thor price prediction were positive. Since then, several VeChain Thor price predictions have become known. In our last VeChain news, we said that the price of VeChain has increased rapidly and the growth rate on the VeChain platform will soon be higher than the growth rate on the Bitcoin blockchain. In today’s VeChain news we are going to consider the latest VeChain Thor price prediction for CryptoNewz. With this VeChain price forecast, the price of the vocational training coin is three times higher than it was at the end of the year. Will VeChain triple before the end of the year?

VeChain News Today – VeChain Thor Price Prediction – VeChain Token Swap was just the beginning

According to the latest VeChain news, the VeChain platform is ready for mega success this year. The price forecast for VeChain Thor is mainly influenced by the partnerships. The VeChain blockchain was developed for cross-industry supply chain management. Since the VeChain token exchange, the blockchain has effectively served this purpose and sealed many VeChain partnerships. Those who use the VeChain blockchain trust it because it is tamper-proof and increases trust between retailers and consumers by digitizing assets. It enables fast and efficient tracking throughout the supply chain.

Between last month and yesterday, VeChain’s price has increased by more than 48.61%. VeChain has recorded double-digit losses since the beginning of the day. At the time of writing, the VeChain price was $ 0.006270. This shows that it is down 13.16% against the USD and 8.97% against BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $ 18,403,834 and the market capitalization is $ 347,690,541.

VeChain (VET) Price Today – VET / USD

Note that the Vocational Training coin isn’t the only one trading red against the USD right now. Almost every cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap trades in red, including the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Analysts have suggested bloody Thursday is part of a market-wide price correction. Bitcoin has lost a significant portion of its profits and is currently trading at $ 5022. The good thing is that the support is strong at $ 5000 so a recovery is expected soon.

VeChain News Today – The future price of VeChain Thor

Even if VeChain’s price is currently red, it has managed to hold the support at $ 0.005357. This would prevent it from making lower lows. Even if the price of VeChain has gone down on the day, it has gone up over the past seven and 30 days. The growth rate is decent. Thanks to the VeChain partnerships that have already been activated, the blockchain still has a long way to go. Two VeChain partnerships that drive uptake are the partnership with BYD and Haier, but many more are in the pipeline.

VeChain experts estimate that the price for VeChain will be at $ 0.02 before the end of 2019. VeChain will be priced at $ 0.258 before the end of 2021 and will be at $ 0.612 by 2023. Some others have predicted that VeChain’s price has what it takes to hit up to $ 75 by the end of 2023.

What do you think of the VeChain News and VeChain Thor Price Prediction? Does VeChain have anything or does it need to increase significantly before the end of the year? Feel free to comment below.

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