Video: Why the Qiku Q Terra Could Be the Phone India Is Waiting For

Quiku Q Terra will be launched in India on November 27th.

The smartphone market in India is getting really interesting. In fact, one of the most interesting smartphones I’ve seen lately is about to hit the market. I am talking about the Qiku Q Terra, which is due to hit the market in India on November 27th.

The phone, which emerged from a joint venture between Coolpad and security firm 360, is powered by a very unique, but trendy and easy-to-use interface from the latter. This is one of the fastest user interfaces, and certainly one of the less cluttered ones I’ve used. It also has some great features like freezing the app to prevent unnecessary battery drain.

But the best feature for me is the 13MP + 13MP dual camera setup on the back. Unlike the other dual cameras we’ve seen, one of the cameras here is black and white. This means that the picture has a kind of contrast that cannot be seen on other phones. I would call this one of the best Android cameras, right at the top of the OnePlus 2 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +.

It also has one of the fastest fingerprint scanners and the pad is conveniently placed under the rear camera where you would normally place one of your fingers. The full metal case also gives the phone a lot of pizzazz. Then there is the 2K screen which, coupled with the user interface, makes this phone a delight.

Even though I used the phone for a couple of weeks it is difficult to write a full review as I was a Chinese build with a lot of things I couldn’t understand. However, what I saw convinced me that with the right price tag this phone will be very sought after in India. As far as I know, there could be multiple versions of the phone at different prices.

Personally, I see OnePlus facing serious competition in the flagship killer space when this phone finally hits the market in India.

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