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Singer iOTA, who grew up in Western Australia, is one of the singers competing to represent Australia at Eurovision in 2020.

He competes against a contingent of familiar faces, including Vanessa Amorosi, Casey Donovan and Jack Vidgen, who are Australia’s pick for the camp’s international singing competition.

The song chosen by iOTA was submitted to the competition by the aspiring songwriter Jesse Watt.

“I really like this song … and it’s not my song, it was written by Jesse Watt – but I love it.” IOTA said. “Life is inspiring and energetic, positive, powerful, warm and fun … it was a pleasure to let my emotions and mood flow into another author’s song, to make it my own – and hopefully to please the listeners . “

If Australia chooses him, the respected cabaret singer should stand out in the busy Eurovision field because he never does things by halves.

When iOTA chatted with OUTinPerth a few years ago, he told us that his big influences weren’t artists he came in contact with, but those he idolized.

“I was just influenced by all these untouchable American musicians and everything I liked, KISS, Motley Crue and all these American hairbands from the 80s.” IOTA said in 2018.

Listen to iOTA’s ‘Life’. Eurovision – Australia decides 2020 will be broadcast live and exclusively on SBS on Saturday, February 8th.

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