What is Bitcoin SV (BSV)

If you are just a beginner in cryptocurrency, it would help you understand that BCH or Bitcoin Cash, as mentioned earlier, is known as the hard fork of BTC or also Bitcoin. I am also sure that you want to learn more about Bitcoin SV.

BSV stands for Bitcoin SV or also known as Bitcoin Cash SV. This is a type of cryptocurrency that was established back in 2018. Bitcoin SV is the result of updating the software to the BTC or Bitcoin Cash protocol, which resulted in a hard fork that also resulted in the creation of Bitcoin Cash ABC.

Bitcoin SV overview

Back in 2018, the developer of software known as ABC Bitcoin was planning an upgrade that would become the Bitcoin Cash protocol. The upgrade includes possible scaling responses or cryptocurrencies by changing the way information is stored on the blockchain. Bitcoin.com as well as Roger Ver are the ones who advocated the aforementioned upgrade. The upgrade enables the software’s developers to build a smart contract software platform on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

First, let’s define what Bitcoin SV is.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, or simply s called Bitcoin SV, is one of the cryptocurrencies that currently exist in the crypto world. The developers of Satoshi Vision, led by a crypto developer and controversial billionaire Craig Wright, state that Bitcoin SV was founded to bring Satoshi vision to life. The team of developers at Bitcoin SV finds that it can restore the characteristic topographies of the Bitcoin protocol on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Technically, it’s the newest application in Bitcoin Cash’s code. On the other hand, SV’s team has stated that it has no intention of making any new breed of token or bitcoin. They also do not request the exchanges for the lists of the Bitcoin SV symbol or the Bitcoin SV itself. Rather, the team had stated that Bitcoin SV offers the miner the various options for the consensus rules of Bitcoin Cash.

There are many other uses of the BTC protocol. The Bitcoin SV team is confident that the latest application with the 6 different Bitcoin Cash applications would be ideal. Regarding the Bitcoin whitepaper, Satoshi stated that it will always depend on the miner to vote for the hash power to choose between the rules of the network.

In this post, we will also introduce you to the benefits you can get by using the Bitcoin SV in your cryptocurrency portfolio.


The SV team trusts that the fastest transaction is the answer to unlock the profits and the larger trading markets for the BTC. Bitcoin SV also stated that it would also feature security enhancements that aid in cash security as well as the future of Bitcoin. In addition, the SV team has also created a roadmap that provides priority and ensures fast transactions.

Bitcoin SV’s success always depends on the adaptability of both users and miners. One of the most problematic factors preventing companies from adopting Bitcoin is price volatility.


The SV team has stated that the Bitcoin SV project has quality assurance for the miners to ensure increased security. This idea just means that the higher level of security is achieved through the use of an inflexible set of traceable test phases. They also boast of their level of security, which is similar to that of the national, medical, and aerospace security industries.


Bitcoin SV developers stated that the tokens they created are stable, unlike the various uses that it has. The developers also stated that both businesses and companies need enough stability before they can get the said technology platform.

By scaling up massively, Bitcoin SV will allow the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to sustain the higher transaction volume and many transaction fees that are intended for its miners. This is vital for the miners to have stable profitability as half of the reward per block will come back in mid-2020 and the remaining half in the years to come.


The developers of Bitcoin SV stated that Bitcoin Cash should process the required volume of scale. The team of developers at Bitcoin SV has created a roadmap that focuses on capacity building. This can be achieved through large format performance improvements as well as mineral configurable blocks.


The success of Bitcoin SV always depends on the adaptability of the users as well as the miners. As explained by the team at Bitcoin SV, it is time for Bitcoin to gain mainstream adoption, but nonetheless, there are obstacles along the way.

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