What is expected of Cardano’s network, will it join forces with Solana?

Everyone is talking about Cardano, the testnet will be released on September 1st and the main network is planned for September 12th. Coinpedia had previously reported the possible “buy the rumor, sell the news” trap for ADA. But ADA price has now passed the $ 3 mark and is racing forward as the big day approaches. The 24-hour gains at press time are an impressive 10.8%.

Alonzo Hard Fork is part of the Goguen era. This represents a huge step forward in the capabilities of the network as smart contracts are introduced. As the Shelly era decentralizes the core of the system, the Goguen era will add the ability to create dapps on the platform. Hence, a massive bull run could ensue as the ecosystem delves deeper into the decentralized system.

The Cardano price could reach $ 5 with these upgrades

According to Cardano’s website, the development of the Goguen era runs parallel to the Shelly era. The updates will bring huge changes to the ecosystem. Once completed, the platform will allow both technical and non-technical users to create and execute smart contracts on the network.

Plutus is a language and execution platform for smart contracts developed by Cardano. This allows a code base to support both off-chain and on-chain components. This will improve the coherence and usability of the development experience. In order to make the platform accessible to a broader user base, the makers of “Marlowe” brought into being.

As a result, Marlowe is a high level domain specific language (DSL) for financial contracts based on Plutus. Marlowe is paired with the Marlowe Playground. This is a platform that enables users with no programming knowledge to create smart financial contracts. The combination of Plutus and Marlowe will enable large-scale implementation in the real world.

The era will also introduce a multi-currency ledger that will allow users to create new natively supported tokens, resulting in the creation of fungible tokens and NFTs. As well as the development of new cryptocurrencies based on Cardano and the tokenization of physical assets.

Does Cardano work with Solana?

Like Cardano and Solana, they both maintained a decent uptrend, but the laps of both hands encircle the crypto space. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, IOHK founder Charles Hoskinson made it clear that decision-making is at the heart of the community, not what it calls for.

However, he said that this will be an area of ​​economic cooperation or scientific cooperation or technical cooperation if that is to be done. He also revealed that Solana’s team had shared multiple project links. And so you can expect a pretty bright future for the Cardano Prize and the Solana Prize if the partnership comes about.

In conclusion, the upgrades will have a significant impact on the coin, both in terms of price and the platform’s ecosystem. With future phases where the basho era represents scalability and the Voltaire era represents governance, ADA will be a benchmark in the crypto space.

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