What we can learn from local Bitcoin communities

Local events like those in Southern California are for that the Bitcoin community Further development.

The reach and scope of what is happening around the world is also increasing as Bitcoin prices continue to rise.

Although Bitcoin is a macro phenomenon with significant economic and historical implications, we should pay attention to the use of technology by communities.

The OC Bitcoin will host a Bitcoin-paid launch party for its Nexx Burger restaurant in Newport Beach, California on April 24th. The Bitcoin Is and Strike supported case with music by Bitrefill is an example of the growing scope and potential impact of Bitcoin and Quantum AI app in the region.

I was lucky enough to speak to a couple who organized this event and gave me a wonderful insight into various aspects of the Bitcoin locality. I was very excited about how I met the people who organized this event and how I did it.

First, Dimitrios Politis, CEO of Nexx Burgers, explained why he decided to accept Bitcoin:

How did you first find out about Bitcoin and how did you feel about it?

“I came to Bitcoin for the first time in December 2017 from a good friend. He explained what Bitcoin was developed and how it works. And I’ve seen how Bitcoin could be turned into a revolutionary digital currency, I’ve always learned since then. “

When did you decide that Bitcoin was right for your business?

“Nexx Burger will now research and refine Bitcoin until it becomes completely everyday.”

What have you had in the Bitcoin community so far?

“The culture of Bitcoin was amazing. Brian from the Bitcoin Network of the Orange County helped me learn more about Bitcoin.”

The local development and usage of Bitcoin is of the utmost importance to the acceptance of Bitcoin at the macro level. In fact, Bitcoin started out as an email list subscribed network for Cypherpunks. These small interactions formed the basis for the Earth’s displacement and indicated a continuing need to expand the network.

If Bitcoin is to be introduced globally, the microeconomics around us must be transformed. Bitcoin Is’s George Mekhail, an advocate and source of knowledge for Bitcoin’s circular economy, spoke about what it looked like. You can find more information about the Bitcoin community at

When did you first become interested in Bitcoin? Where do you see yourself in the Bitcoin community?

“I’ve been with Bitcoin since 2017. I am thrilled to be helping the growth of Bitcoin communities and making moral arguments for Bitcoin, while at the same time giving people the opportunity to get out of the corrupt fiat economy. I am also the co-author of Thank You God. for Bitcoin: Creative Money and Corruption. “

How did you encourage Bitcoin to get started?

“Russell Okung and I were looking for the best ways to deal with Bitcoiners in September 2019. We decided to organize a last minute in LA to help newbies get to know the best voices in the room. Bitcoin is already working with a handful of startups, offers tools to get started and advises nationwide meetings. “

It trains people to become a “circular bitcoin economy”. Can you explain something?

“Bitcoin’s circular economy is the economy beyond the old fiat structure. This is a new paradigm that encourages people to save their hard earned money and encourages sellers to accept payments from the BTC. “

Why is that important?

“Society will switch to healthy money, which will lead to economic change if enough people hold this view. In a circular Bitcoin economy, products and services are inexpensive as savings and purchasing power improve, rather than undermining our currency in the sense of the existing model. “Of rescue and incentives.”

The continuing mission in Southern California to empower business owners through the circular Bitcoin economy is ongoing. Bitcoin followers are responsible for promoting and expressing a strong desire to further expand access to Bitcoin payment systems in the local economy. The Newport Beach event is just one example of the local bitcoin meetings that can be popular – past meetings got a company to embrace bitcoin. Perhaps more companies are now trying to imitate the successful use of technology.


Bitcoin is a global, interconnected, and far-reaching network and technology. The complexity and scale of what is happening around the world have grown along with Bitcoin prices.

While Bitcoin is a macro phenomenon with far-reaching economic and historical implications, the adoption of community technologies should not be overlooked.

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