What’s Solana’s real name in Pretty Smart?

Pretty Smart premiered on Netflix on October 8th and is already a fan favorite. The new sitcom introduced us to five hilarious new comedy characters we just can’t get enough of, including the outspoken but well-meaning spiritual healer Solana.

Cinthya Carmona plays Solana, who becomes one of Chelsea’s (Emily Osment) new roommates, when the hapless academic suddenly moves in with her lively sister Claire (Olivia Macklin). Solana has by far the most mysterious of Chelsea’s four eccentric roommates.

As Solana’s story tells, she left her legal practice to become a spiritual healer and trade for crystals and energy readings in the courtroom. She is often the one Chelsea and the rest of the world go to for honest, objective, if not a little “out there” advice.

But is there more to Solana than meets the eye? Towards the end of Pretty Smart’s first season, her roommates are wondering what’s really going on with their friend, and they are right to be concerned. Solana has kept the secret of her real name and her career choice a secret from everyone.

Why did Solana change her name to Pretty Smart?

While she is at Franklin’s with her friends, a man approaches Solana and calls her “Allison”. She wipes it off, pretending she doesn’t know this person she clearly knows, which both Claire and Jayden notice.

Before long, they believe she is snooping around Solana’s life, joining a sect that Claire and Jayden both have experience of (because, of course, they do). When they follow her into a conference room, they disrupt her “cult initiation,” but she is only at work.

Correctly! Solana’s real name is actually Allison, and she decided to go back to practice law. She explains that she left the law behind after becoming known in her law firm as “Allison the Assassin” for successfully defending a large corporation against an oil spill.

Realizing that it was morally wrong to pin the company’s mistake on the innocent dolphins who died in the disaster, she decided that practicing lawyers at that level was no longer worth the salary that was helping her, hers Paying student loans. So she changed her name to Solana and tried her hand at positive energy business.

She is now trying to regain her lawyer career, but her friends still call her Solana. Of course, Jayden has now playfully dubbed her “Solallison,” because at the end of the day she can be both a wild lawyer named Allison and a cool, calm, collected healer named Solana.

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