What’s wrong with Dogecoin today?

Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) was recently brought back into the spotlight by a millionaire, a senator, and a YouTuber, but it’s still mostly silent.

What is moving? The Shiba Inu-themed cryptocurrency traded 2.05% lower at $ 0.24 over 24 hours and 5.46% lower over seven days at press time early Wednesday.

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DOGE traded 1.98% and 4.36% lower versus Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) and ether (CRYPTO: ETH) or

Why is it moving? On Tuesday, DOGE was the third most popular cryptocurrency on Twitter with 2,683 tweets. BTC and ETH were ahead of meme cryptocurrency with 5,956 and 3,135 tweets, respectively, according to data from CoinTrendz.

Glauber Contessoto, a well-known DOGE investor who goes by the name “SlumDOGE Millionaire” on Twitter, said Tuesday he would double his investment in the cryptocurrency and “soon” buy $ 25,000 worth of DOGE.

On the same day, a filing from Congresstrading.com revealed that Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL) had bought DOGE, Cardano (CRYPTO: ADA) and ETH. Moore had previously bought DOGE on two separate occasions.

Aaron Arnold, the content creator of YouTube channel Altcoin Daily, also addressed DOGE and noted the excitement surrounding the Million Dogecoin Disco party by sharing a news article and video.

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On Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk’s recent “Baby Doge” tweet and the price movement that followed, he said: “That only happens in bull markets that the price is not driven up.”

Arnold announced that he did not hold a DOGE. The YouTuber said, “Anyone who keeps DOGE is going to have a bad time in my opinion.”

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