Why Bitcoin is about to rise: Max Keizer

Bitcoin evangelist Max Keizer says the top crypto is on the verge of a severe supply crisis that will suddenly trigger a series of dramatic price increases.

In an interview with Rice Report, the presenter of Orange Pill Podcast and Keizer Report, who has been encouraging viewers to buy Bitcoin for $ 1, explains, “In the past few years we’ve been going from fake volume to real volume, and that’s how it is something like digging through an overhead or volume to get the pricing done.

“I think the Michael Saylor will happen pretty soon [CEO of MicroStrategy] Guy or some type of company or institution will come up with a mandate to buy $ 10-20 billion worth of Bitcoin and within a few trades they will suddenly find that there is no offer at all, and then suddenly the price becomes one Gap from $ 37,000 to $ 47,000 to $ 52,000. It could happen in 10 minutes because the markets lull people into feeling that there is a supply out there. “

He continues, “It’s swirling through all of the bullshit on offer and when that’s all gone the institutions will have a rude awakening because they can’t get coins at any cost until it gets much higher. I think the next break will be a gap. It should suddenly be higher and then it becomes a big story. “

Keizer believes Bitcoin will be rampant in the future as people desperately seek a store of value that won’t be affected by the relentless pressures of money from the central bank. Those who choose the Bitcoin escape hatch will be significantly better off than those who don’t.

“As central banks continue to erode and the problem continues to worsen, and there are no new solutions or considerations to just do the same thing, Bitcoin will gallop higher which will not attract more capital. You will just have this forked world economy.” There will be a bitcoin economy in a bitcoin world and a bitcoin life and people will lead the bitcoin life and there will be everyone else. “

In a tweet on Monday, Keizer expanded that forecast, saying the introduction of Bitcoin will have a serious impact on government revenue generation: “Corporations, hedge funds, Univ. Foundations that buy #Bitcoin are tacitly stepping out of political control. The trickle will become a flood and any ability to fund the government will cease. Printing great money to replace capital flight to BTC will speed up the flight to BTC. “

Companies, hedge funds, univ. Foundations that buy #Bitcoin are tacitly stepping out of political control

The trickle will become a flood and any ability to fund the government will cease

Printing great money as a substitute for capital flight to BTC speeds up the flight to BTC

– Max Keizer (@maxkeiser) January 26, 2021

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