Why Some People Are Reluctant to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin has steadily developed into the largest and most popular cryptocurrency with increasing worldwide acceptance. However, some people have also consistently raised concerns about some of the properties of Bitcoin. Unlike other emerging technologies, Bitcoin has caused a profound financial revolution that most people see as a threat to traditional monetary systems. Such claims have slowed their adoption in recent months, convincing most people to hold back.

Some governments and financial institutions have taken acute measures to alienate cryptocurrencies, others have even banned them. A handful of banks and financial services providers have turned down deals with crypto-related companies. The following article sheds light on the main reasons why some people hesitate to buy Bitcoin.

Lack of better understanding

The concept of digital money seemed too far-fetched at first, and most people could not imagine how to do business with digital money. Besides, how could they use virtual money if no government or agency issued or regulated it? Many organizations, academics, and crypto-related companies such as https://bitcoincircuit.cloud/, are now publishing resources to help people understand the concept of cryptocurrencies and buy bitcoin. Knowledge of cryptocurrencies is widespread in the developed world, but many populations in developing countries such as Africa and Asia are still in the dark.

High volatility

Bitcoin’s high volatility is one of the main reasons why some investors are still reluctant to invest in Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly the most volatile investments with meteoric price fluctuations. Your prices could go down or up dramatically in a matter of minutes. While this could create fear, it is also the main characteristic that makes Bitcoin investing a worthwhile risk. Volatility poses a greater risk of loss and means lucrative gains when the price swings up. You can still get huge returns on Bitcoin if you get deep insights into the market and invest carefully and only wager the amount that you can afford to let go of.

No legal tender

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency with no central authority. No government or central bank regulates it like paper currencies. Only one country, El Salvador, has made Bitcoin legal tender, with some governments, including China, banning crypto entirely. That has made some people fearful of dealing with crypto, assuming it threatens traditional economies. Others have also raised concerns that decentralization of crypto encourages criminal activities such as money laundering, terrorism, and fraud. Reports show that cryptocurrency-related crime is increasing around the world, spreading the fear of using digital money.

Waning confidence

Various events and allegations have tarnished the reputation of cryptocurrencies over the years, causing some mainstream companies and global investors to shy away from investing in Bitcoin. The Silk Road and Mt. Gox bankruptcies are prime examples of such events that saw hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin disappearing from customers. Many have also raised concerns that cryptocurrencies have a serious impact on the environment and contribute to a significant carbon footprint. These are some of the main problems that have reduced people’s trust in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Security threats

Bitcoin is a digital currency, which means you have to access the internet in order to use it. Although Bitcoin’s network has various security measures like the blockchain’s irreversible digital ledger, online transactions remain vulnerable to multiple security threats, including hacking and fraud. Bitcoin also offers cold wallets where people can store their funds offline but are accessible via private keys that could be lost or stolen. Such threats also make some people reluctant to own crypto.

While there could be more reasons why some people hesitate to buy Bitcoin, the above are the most common. Nonetheless, increasing crypto awareness, education, and innovation remain essential to eliminate the above threats and ensure their continued adoption.

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