WisdomTree Investments launches Bitcoin ETP on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The WisdomTree Bitcoin ETP tracks the price of the cryptocurrency and is listed on the XETRA market of the German stock exchange

said it listed an exchange-traded Bitcoin product (ETP) on the XETRA market of Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt.

The asset manager and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) provider said the WisdomTree Bitcoin ETP is designed to provide investors with an easy way to participate in the price of Bitcoin, with the ETP tracking the cryptocurrency’s spot rate.

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The listing in Germany is also happening as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is considering whether to approve the first Bitcoin ETF for US investors as a bull run in the crypto markets, which is generating increasing interest in the space.

WisdomTree also becomes a member of Bitcoin Exchange Traded Crypto ETP by BTC etc., which was launched on the XETRA market by ETC Group in June last year and whose assets under management have grown to over $ 1 billion.

ETC also offers the Physical Ethereum ETC, which is used to track the price of the Ether cryptocurrency. The Physical Litecoin ETC was launched earlier this week to track the price of Litecoin crypto.

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