XLM, WAVES and SUSHI prices rise despite strong crypto slump

The crypto room usually experiences a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. Recently the big cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP etc and many more had a free fall that lost a double digit margin with their price.


Under such conditions, some tokens stood strong and continued their bull run. Among them are Stellar (XLM), Waves (WAVES) and Sushi (SUSHI).

Stellar (XLM) price

Star chart

The star price stagnated from a very long time to a big boom that raised the price to $ 0.2241. Unfortunately, the price experienced a slight downtrend that pulled the price back to $ 0.1526.

The 24-hour volume also rebounded, with prices dropping over $ 3 billion below that level. Once again, head hard towards the set goal in order to exceed the annual target. The XLM price at the time of composition is $ 0.2056, up 13.05 percent.

  • Strong support is at $ 0.1457 which needs to be kept strong
  • Resistance levels are formed at $ 0.1998 in the short term, but strong resistance is at $ 0.2326
  • Technical indicators point to the buy signal.

Waves (WAVES) price

Wave diagram

The Waves project is considered to be the most rapidly expanding project in the blockchain space. It has gained more than 5.99% in the past 24 hours and is down 1.12% weekly. The on-chain metrics indicate an upward trend for the token in the coming days.

The Waves price is at $ 6.42, up 2.97 percent, and the WAVES-BTC pair is up 4.78 percent in the past 24 hours.

  • The resistance levels are at $ 8.7 but in the short term the resistance levels are at $ 6.99
  • The support levels are at $ 5.55
  • Technical indicators indicate a buy signal

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Sushi (SUSHI) price

Sushi charts

One of the best-selling coins during the September-October 2020 DeFi correction, the sushi token rebounded from $ 1.382 for the next leg, breaking the previously formed resistance of $ 1.236.

The 24-hour trading volume also skyrocketed over the past week, bringing the price to $ 1.79. Currently, the sushi price at the time of composition is $ 1.40, a jump of 3.97 percent over the past 24 hours.

  • Current resistance levels are at $ 1.4701
  • The support levels are at $ 1.3582
  • Technical indicators suggest a buy signal

Overall, global market cap for crypto fell 1.92 percent, and the total volume of the 24/7 crypto market is down nearly 22.29 percent.

Considering the price of the big cryptos, the Bitcoin price was up slightly from the previous day’s crash. The price is at $ 16,924, down 2.37 percent, and the price of Ethereum also fell 1.31 percent and stands at $ 510.10.

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