YOUR WAY: Cosmos owner Commisso asks for Cordeiro’s resignation and new US football board

Following the recent controversy surrounding the US women’s national team’s lawsuit against US football and subsequent comments from the association’s filing, Cosmos chair Rocco B. Commisso has called for USSF President Carlos Cordeiro to step down and his board of directors to be restored .

By Rocco B. Commisso

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As one of the many voters long marginalized by U.S. football leadership, the New York Cosmos joins the fast-growing chorus of voices who heard the association’s shocking and offensive comments in its response to players of the US Women’s National Team (USWNT). Sex discrimination lawsuit.

It is the most recent glaring example of the federation’s failure to fulfill its duty to promote the development of all forms of football in the United States, including women and men, adults and youth, amateurs and professionals. Rather than accomplish this mission, the association focused primarily on advancing MLS at the expense of the competing interests of other stakeholders. The association’s bias in favor of MLS, as set out in NASL’s lawsuit against US football and MLS, is based on profound conflicts of interest that have existed since MLS was founded in 1995 and the intertwining of the association’s financial interests with those of MLS through Soccer United Marketing.

US Soccer has been fixated almost entirely on redirecting resources to MLS and SUM, rather than seizing opportunities like my own April 2018 offering to pour an unprecedented $ 500 million into American football.

As objectionable as this tendency may be, it is now clear that there are other fundamental problems at the top levels of US football: I believe that the association’s view that women’s play is inherently inferior to that of men is one clear evidence that the years discrimination against women is due not only to financial conflicts of interest, but also to a profound prejudice against female gamblers.

While groups like the New York Cosmos and USWNT players have long endured the nefarious behavior of US football, even corporate sponsors are now realizing the real faces of some of the association’s leading members.

As I have been repeating since 2017, cleaning the US football house is long overdue. For the sake of the game, Carlos Cordeiro and every member of the U.S. Football Committee should resign immediately, and the association should convene a special election to restore its board of directors to make it truly representative of all voters, including NASL and NISA.

You can read the letter correspondence on Commisso’s $ 500 million US Soccer proposal by clicking the following PDF links:

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