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In mid-January, the news desk wrote about the popular artist and Youtuber, Alicia Dawn “Ali” Spagnola, after she “accidentally got rich in Bitcoin” from her Free Paintings project. Since then, a large number of people have asked her to create an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) asset with her artwork. Therefore, she decided to implement the idea after many inquiries. Spagnola has chosen to mint an NFT made from a combination of the 2,809 free paintings she has created over the past 14 years.

A $ 500K NFT after giving away free paintings for 14 years

In her most recent video on Youtube, Ali Spagnola hopes to lure elite NFT collectors (Beeple buyers) with all the hard work she put into her Free Paintings project. Spagnola is a popular musician and artist with 345,000 YouTube subscribers, a large fan base on Tiktok and 2.4 million followers on Twitter.

While she was focused on her content creation and career, Spagnola started a project 14 years ago where she gives away free images on request. To date, she has distributed 2,809 free paintings to people around the world. Now that she’s making them free, she also allows donations, and for a year she got a whole bitcoin for one of her paintings that featured a colorful image of the leading crypto asset.

Spagnola forgot all about this donation and found years later that it was worth tens of thousands and much more than its original value of $ 50. She decided to make a video about her Bitcoin discovery and she even went to the person who gave her a Bitcoin (BTC) and she also gave him a much larger painting of a Bitcoin.

14 years of art for $ 500,000: Youtuber Ali Spagnola has combined all of her free paintings into an NFTYoutuber and artist Ali Spagnola discusses her idea of ​​minting a non-fungible token collector’s item from her 2,809 Free Paintings project.

Spagnola’s Bitcoin story went viral when its popularity increased tremendously with the crypto community, and a host of proponents recommended that it should mint a non-fungible token (NFT). The Youtuber then released another video on April 9, 2021, titled “I Sold a $ 500,000 NFT After Giving Fine Art for 14 Years,” which explains how it recently decided to do one Mint NFT and auction it on the marketplace.

“When the story about my Bitcoin painting was shared, tons of people replied that I should coin NFTs,” Spagnola told on Sunday afternoon. “I had no idea then what that meant, but there were so many people that I knew I had to take care of it.”

As of now, Spagnola has not yet sold the NFT for $ 500,000, and the auction in Opensea has around 19 days left for the auction. At the time of publication, Spagnola’s Free Paintings NFT has currently placed a bid for 2,625 ETH worth $ 5,722 using today’s ether exchange rates. Spagnola’s latest video tells the story of why she decided to coin an NFT. She explains that she always joked that “after years of selflessly mailing my art to people all over the world” and “once enough people took care of it, I would be a famous artist and all that art that I gave away, would turn from “worthless” to really valuable. “

The artist plans to end her free painting project

Additionally, Spagnola says this NFT sale will be a culmination of all the art she has created in more than a decade. And as a person who is fascinated by layers, the word “climax” also has a different meaning for their story. That’s because Spagnola says she decided to stop the Free Paintings project after she sold her latest NFT. The artist also said she plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from the Opensea auction to the National Guild for Community Arts Education.

14 years of art for $ 500,000: Youtuber Ali Spagnola has combined all of her free paintings into an NFTAli Spagnola’s art collection, gathered into a single collage, is quite large. On Monday morning (EST) April 12, 2021, Spagnola’s NFT currently placed a bid for 2,625 ETH worth $ 5,722 USD.

After Spagnola’s video was released,’s news desk spoke to the artist last weekend about her latest NFT project and her possible resignation from the Free Paintings project. Spagnola explained what she plans to do if the auction succeeds or fails.

“I think I should keep track of whether it succeeds or not … if I don’t hit the mark, I’ll leave it to the highest bidder,” said Spagnola. “I would even be fine if a penny was the top bid because at least that’s still a good story, haha ​​… my worthless art is really pretty worthless. Though that doesn’t mean the penny bidder couldn’t turn around and later sell it for $ 500,000. I am dejected for the story that is playing out. “

14 years of art for $ 500,000: Youtuber Ali Spagnola has combined all of her free paintings into an NFTSpeaking to News, Spagnola hopes to find the same art collectors who loved Beeples’ collection of 5,000 pieces merged into an NFT, which recently sold on Christie’s auction house for $ 69 million. Spagnola said after all the paintings she’s done over the years, she is considering discontinuing her Free Paintings project.

The Youtuber also said that the cryptocurrency and the NFT community were extraordinarily friendly. “For example, I was invited to The Bitcoin Podcast and said to them, ‘Are you sure you want to chat with me? I’m not an expert so I don’t have a lot to offer. ‘But it was just about having conversations with people outside of the community. They answered some of my questions and wanted to help make everything more accessible. “

Spanish added:

Most of the community seems to do so. You are enthusiastic about the technology and the future and look forward to getting other people excited about it.

At the end of our conversation, we discussed her departure from the Free Paintings project. “I plan to stop the project if the NFT doesn’t achieve its goal,” said Spagnola. “I had it in my mind that, as I mentioned, it could be sold for a dime, and that would be a sign that what I was doing was really worthless because nobody cared about adding value to the idea Lend a piece of the art, be it by sharing the story or by actually bidding on collectors. “

The artist concluded:

I’m kind of torn now because I’m not at my goal, but the support for the idea and the project was so wonderful. It feels really good to have appreciated the last 14 years of my art giving. Even the fact that you’d like to interview me about it supports the idea that the whole thing, both the project and the NFT, has value. This article is part of the art now haha ​​…

Spagnola added that she hopes it will help her connect with a great NFT collector who understands the piece and wants to be a part of the story too. Check out Ali Spagnola’s latest video below talking about minting and auctioning her NFT collage of 2,809 free paintings on Opensea.

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