ZebPay launches ZEBB, which offers BTC and Ether-SIP options

TL; DR breakdown

• ZebPay brings the SIP-based Options ZEBB project.
• The crypto company is trying to create an affordable investment ecosystem.

The Singapore-based encrypted exchange ZebPay announces that it will start a new SIP project under the name “ZEBB”. This trading plan is based on the two most traded tokens: Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform has set limits on the options (BTC = $ 1 trillion cap and Ether = $ 43 billion cap).

The ZEBB project goal is to encourage new investors to use BTC and ETH from INR 100. The company verifies that the plan will allow investors and crypto fans to enter the speculative market. The recently launched website will enable SIP options with a daily time limit.

However, ZebPay said not to participate in the payment of commissions for using the ZEBB platform.

Crypto volatility worries investors

Although ZebPay’s proposal with the project is conspicuous, investors are unsettled about the crypto volatility. However, the options with Ethereum and Bitcoin haven’t stopped while the downtrend is in place.

The company said including a cost in rupees is an excellent way to get an approximate crypto price. ZEBB guarantees its customers the protection of the information they provide and the tokens they trade. And the company also talked about crypto cold storage, security management and compensation systems.

With these announcements, the ZebPay CEO said that with ZEBB, the investor is being encouraged to use Bitcoin and Ethereum. Under the rupee crypto scheme, it is easy to get into the world of cryptocurrencies and take advantage of their price volatility. ZEBB focuses on SIP, the best investment system for making a profit with decentralized currencies.

ZebPay plans for the future

Founded in 2014, ZebPay has several plans for the future when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The company wants to take advantage of the token rise; Bitcoin, for example, has reached a high preposition.

The company boss suggests that if a trader bought last year’s bitcoin today, he would benefit. The CEO of the crypto exchange dictates that Bitcoin profits are 72 percent from last year to date.

While the ZEBB project sounds promising to the citizens of India, the national government may not agree. The regulators in the country have done everything possible to end the rule of cryptocurrencies, calling them fraudulent and volatile. However, the bitcoin options in the country are a high frequency trade.

One of the last things the country’s regulators did was cut ties between banks and crypto authorities. This ban forces investors to use alternatives so that they can buy their bitcoins with the local currency.

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