Zeux lists IOTA for crypto payments in retail stores and promotes its wider adoption

On March 21, the Zuex app team announced via its Medium blog that the company had taken another step towards the world of cryptocurrencies. This time, Zeux added IOTA (MIOTA) to their list of payment methods.

With IOTA you can buy normal things in regular stores

In a few weeks, regular buyers can use IOTA to pay for goods and services in shops that are friendly to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay systems.

Zeux has an official FCA license. This financial services company is preparing to launch next month in the EU. It is slated to roll out in the US in 2020, where it will work with a wide variety of stores – from grocery stores to coffee shops.

We are happy to announce that we are adding another #cryptocurrency # IOTA- in @ZeuxApp https://t.co/MYnbon8btQ@iotatoken @frankjzhou @DavidSonstebo @DomSchiener @NickAyton @ popochen888 @ pomp— Zeux (@ZeuxApp) Add tokens for #crypto payments. March 21, 2019

The platform will enable its customers to do multiple things in one place, i.e. making payments, storing and investing funds. The app works with both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

A beneficial collaboration

IOTA founder David Sønstebø believes that by working with Zeux, his company will bring IOTA’s adoption to a much higher level than what the coin is now.

Zeux CEO Frank Zhou seems pretty excited about connecting the crypto industry with the world of traditional economy and Fiat. He believes that Tangle, the independent blockchain protocol used by IOTA, is a good foundation for the development of Dapps and that Zeux could use it for this purpose in the future.

In an interview, Zhou said that he was glad that Zeux can give IOTA users more financial freedom.

Zeux and other crypto coins

About a week ago, the banking app added another digital coin to its arsenal of financial instruments – Qtum. After starting the app, users can also use this coin to pay for or invest in goods.

Previously, the app teamed up with Bitcoin SV, so this token is now also used by Zeux customers.

Introduction of crypto via bulk payments

Many experts and crypto enthusiasts are certain that the massive adoption of decentralized digital currencies depends primarily on user awareness and the ability to make everyday payments.

Some crypto coins are already accepted by numerous retailers thanks to many apps and payment systems such as Spend App, CoinGate, TravelbyBit, etc.

Tron and BitTorrent offer their own card that allows users to spend these two coins, TRX and BTT, directly without any third-party apps.

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